The following are some of the projects undertaken by H Media over the past decade within the halal industry sphere:


    • HDC Vibe Newsletter (pilot issue – content and design) [view]
    • Halal Connect magazine (for distribution in the United States of America) [view]
    • Halal Living magazine (for distribution in Brunei) [view]


    • – a halal lifestyle portal for consumers [offline]
    • – a halal industry portal for businesses [offline]


    • The International Halal SME Report DirectoryVolume I (Issue 2011/12) [view]
    • Moscow Halal Expo 2011 Official Media Partner (speaker & exhibitor) [view]


    • HDC-Pemandu Halal Lab 2013 (consultative role)


    • Modern Compendium of Halal Volume II – Halal Conformity Assessment (content, produced for HDC) [view]
    • World Halal Conference 2014 Official Content Partner (programme book, speeches, etc.)
    • World Halal Conference 2014 Galleria Exhibition Panels, KL Convention Center [view]


    • Halal Assurance Management System HDC Training Module
    • Best Practices in Halal Industry: Food and Food Services HDC Training Module
    • World Halal Conference 2015 Official Media Partner (content and PR)
    • World Halal Conference 2015 Galleria Exhibition Panels, KL Convention Center (concept and text) [view]


    • World Halal Conference 2016 Official Media Partner (programme book, speeches etc)
    • World Halal Conference 2016 Galleria Exhibition Panels, KL Convention Center (design and text) [view]
    • HDC-Nestle-SME Corp SME Mentoring Programme, Melaka (exhibition panels, backdrop, plaque and brochure incl. printing) [view]
    • Amana Investment Fund, Amana Asset Management SA (brochure and website text) [view]


    • MABIMS Harmonisation of Halal Standards: Strengthening The Halal Industry booklet – a joint publication of the Ministers Of Religious Affairs of Malaysia, Brunei, Indonesia and Singapore (MABIMS), Islamic Development Bank (IDB) and Halal Industry Development Corporation (HDC). (concept, content, design and final production/printing) [view]


    • Occupational Framework Halal Industry – Halal Food Manufacturing, Halal Meat Processing, Halal Logistics and Halal Livestock Production (produced for the Dept. of Skills Development, Ministry of Human Resources, Malaysia)


    • H Maga Global Halal Summit 2019 special edition (editorial and content) [view]
    • content provider (ongoing, for Duopharma Biotech Sdn Bhd) [view]


      • HALMAS Halal Park Malaysia (editorial and content) – A report for HDC for the Malaysian Ministry of Economic Affairs (MEA).
      • World Halal Conference 2020 (editorial and content) – Speech writing for four Guests of Honours, incl. for the Malaysian Prime Minister, Minister of MITI, HDC’s Chairman and HDC’s CEO. [Read]
      • HDC Vibes: The Halal Brief Vol. 4 2020 (concept, content & design) – A total revamp by H Media of HDC’s bi-monthly newsletter HDC Vibes, to position it as a premier global halal industry communication platform. [Read]
  • 2021
      • HDC Vibes: The Halal Brief Vol. 5 2021 (concept, content & design) [Read]
      • HDC Vibes: The Halal Brief Vol. 6 2021 (concept, content & design) [Read]